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How warm do you like it?

How warm do you like it?
March 14, 2016 Honey

Warm is subjective.

You might like it a little warm, to take the edge off. You might like it almost hot!

So how do you get the temperature just right using Inspire™?

By testing it out!

My partner and I have been field testing it since the day we created Inspire™ and let’s just say, it’s so much better warmed up!

So if you are tired of freezing intimate moments, Inspire™ is for you.

How quick it warms up and how warm it gets depends on:

1. The starting temperature.

If you are relaxing in a bungalow on Ko Phi Phi, Thailand, it warms up quicker than if you are camping in a tent in the snow packed Rocky Mountains.

2. How long you leave Inspire™ turned on with the UniTube™ inside.

The longer you leave it on, the warmer it gets!

3. Type of batteries you use.

Standard Alkaline AA batteries work fine, but if you like it even warmer and faster, use ‘Energizer Ultimate Lithium’ batteries.

So how warm do you like it?

We like it around 102°F. And just so you know, it never gets scalding hot. What we’ve found is that when the green light turns solid at the halfway point of the warming cycle (about 3 1/2 minutes), the freezing edge is gone. If we leave it on until the light (and warmer) automatically turns off after 7 1/2 minutes, it is noticeably warm to the touch.

So spend some time having fun with Inspire™ to discover how to get it just right for you!

FREE Shipping on orders more than $20

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