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Use it as a ‘Signal’

Use it as a ‘Signal’
October 2, 2015 Honey

Do you have a signal you use with your partner?

You know…that you are interested in doing something.

It could be saying “Sweetie, do you want to read later today?”

It could be leaving an item of lingerie out on the bed.

It could be bringing home a dozen roses or a bottle of red wine.

It could be her gentle rub on your neck after you finish your morning coffee.

These are all really awesome signals!

Want to try a new signal?

How about putting Inspire™ on the nightstand at some point in the day when your partner will see it?

Who knows…this could become a new signal for you?

After field testing Inspire™ for months now, I can confidently say, “Warm Is Better!”


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