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Why we created Inspire

Why we created Inspire
March 25, 2016 Sweetie

Inspired by Love.

My partner and I have been together for over 25 years. We enjoy an active and invigorating love life.  We, like millions of others around the world, use personal sex lube during our intimate moments, and nothing puts a downer on our fun like fumbling around for a tube of poorly packaged, freezing cold to the touch lube.

We’ve tried warming up the bottles/tubes using a variety of methods, but nothing was convenient and affordable! We created Inspire™ to warm up a small amount of personal sex lubricant to a more satisfying temperature!

We also made it…

1. Compact and smooth – with no sharp edges.

Before Inspire™, a few times we accidentally cut/stabbed ourselves while patting around the bed looking for the old toothpaste style lube tube.

2. Portable and discreet – battery operated with no charging cords.

Easy to store away.

3. Dispense directly from Inspire™.

After it’s warmed, use the easyTear® tab to open the single-use UniTube™.  Press down the flexible top of Inspire™, and enjoy warmth!

4. Easy to find in the dark with a small LED light.

Have you ever had to stop what you were enjoying to search for the stuff? Yup!

5. Travel ready.

No leaky bottles and no trouble getting through airport security when you fly.

6. Gift package worthy.

Looking for that unique Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Bridal Shower, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Corporate Giveaway gift package? Inspire Warm Delight Gift Set comes with warmer, 5 packets of sex lubricant, 2 AA batteries, and a convenient travel bag.

Freezing intimate moments are not enjoyable!

We created Inspire™ to warm personal sex lubricants. You could say it was Inspired! We hope you will discover that warm is better!

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