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  • Why we created Inspire

    Why we created Inspire

    Inspired by Love. My partner and I have been together for over 25 years. We enjoy an active and invigorating…

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  • How to warm up your personal lubricant

    How warm do you like it?

    Warm is subjective. You might like it a little warm, to take the edge off. You might like it almost…

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  • No more freezing intimate moments

    Have you heard “That’s Freezing!”?

    Have you ever put room temperature personal lubricant on your partner and immediately heard “That’s Freezing!”? Talk about a freezing…

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  • Signal your significant other that you are interested in doing something

    Use it as a ‘Signal’

    Do you have a ‘signal’ you use with your partner? You know…that you are interested in doing something.

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