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“That’s FREEZING!” After one too many times of hearing/saying that, we decided to do something about it. #WarmIsBetter”

We believe

Intimate moments are often interrupted by freezing personal lubricant applied at room temperature.

We Created*

Inspire to warm** and dispense lube*** from a single-use UniTube™.

We Hope

You discover that “Warm Is Better”.


* United States Patent # 8,792,781

** Temperature varies depending on starting room temperature, how long you leave the warmer on, and several other factors. Learn more at How warm do you like it? 

*** The raw materials used in Desire Personal Lubricant are manufactured by Trigg Laboratories using spa quality ingredients and an FDA accepted formula. The bulk raw materials are packaged into single-use UniTubes by eXpack USA using the most stringent industry standards, materials, and equipment.

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